ECC 2013 - Men - Final

The country dominating the ECC 2013 held in Bratislava is FINLAND! They won both the competitions. The winner of the men’s category is Kimmo Lehtonen. In the first game, Kimmo made three splits, thus handing the win over to Richard Teece from England (238:181). The second game was more dramatic. Kimo was more successful at stringing strikes, winning 235:215...

The last game was to decide who the champion of the ECC 2013 will be. The first four frames were identical, but then Richard left two open frames, while Kimmo kept on striking. Kimmo was headed for the victory, but left the 2-7 split in the last frame. If he had picked it up, he would have won, but he hit just the 7-pin. Richard needed three strikes. He made only one, which means that after the last game 235:224, the title goes to Finland

  • We asked Kimmo to share his feelings with us:
  • When I missed in the 10th, there was a possibility of a tie, so I started concentrating for the roll-off. Fortunately, it was not necessary. I am really happy to have won this title. Even though I have got many titles and medals, about 30 because I have been in the Finnish national team since 1985, I highly regard this one. Each title is special.